If Evolution Works….

how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Mr. Milton Berle.

  • Three Words

    Here’s a question for you: If you could give your younger self advice using just three words, what would they be? I thought about the people things said to me along my life. The actions I made okay and words I let affect me. The experiences and feelings that sit with me now. Being someone’s… Continue reading

  • Listening

    My hair has been a train wreck. Rainbow shades of brown, brass and pumpkin in trying to let myself gradually go grey. The styling of it, a non style that never does much. This all coming from someone whose hair was one of the features I liked best about myself I’d stayed with this stylist,… Continue reading

  • Forgiveness

    A lightening flash went off for me when I saw this video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRKB7rhD/ What it made me see: For me. When there is no apology or acknowledgement for a hurt or wrong, it’s equal to sweeping things under the rug. A lot of dirt can pile up under that rug. Dirt piled up with nowhere… Continue reading

  • I am

    I am pretty hot looking for a (almost) 60 year old I am smart I am (going to be) a loving soul I am passionate I am sensual I am a good friend I am (going to be a better) mom and wife I am kind I am these things and more. Continue reading

  • I’m not responsible for your feelings

    When Jackie goes to TJ and says ‘’I feel as though you don’t want to see me or have anything to do with me’’ and the reply is ‘ don’t over think it’. Followed up with a week of being too busy, lies about plans, and dismissive, heartless comments. The proof is all there. She… Continue reading

  • Thunder

    Jackie loves thunder and lightening. At night. It’s the best. She sleeps like a baby Maybe it’s the feeling of being away at summer camp again? She knows this: she’s been thinking about her childhood a lot. Random memories keep popping up. Some good, some sad. And she guesses it’s from all that inner child… Continue reading

  • Triggers

    1. Invalidation on my feelings. 2. Criticism on my appearance or looks 3. Control freaks 4. Liars 5. Rejection Continue reading

  • Let’s Talk About Sex. Baby

    So I’m going thinking about dynamics and what kills sex between people. Stick with me while I lay my thought process out. The best of times: We’re individuals with our own very unique desires, turn ons, experiences. You meet someone and there’s a perfect synergy. Yin Yang energy. There’s also respect. A respect for your… Continue reading

  • Hearing vs Listening

    I’ve always felt like a relationship works best when people are heard. Not listened to….but really heard. What happens when you’re heard is, the other person knows what to give you. What you need. You are connected. Everything good comes from feeling heard and understood. When it’s mutual between two people, it’s magical. Being listened… Continue reading

  • Naked

    So if I strip away everything and get to the center of things….. Who am I? What’s underneath it all? Under the baggage, the unhappiness, the victimy stuff, the pride? Continue reading