I’ve come to find myself in a sort of rabbit hole…..and i thought I’d share where I’ve landed.

Nancy Warhoftig. 😀

How’d I get here? Well, I’m reading ’I’m With the Band’ which has twisted, turned and taken its way to the movie, ’Grease’.

Summer 1978: I was 15. Teen trails YMHA program. Abbie Lichenstein, Nancy Warhoftig, and her friend whose name I can not remember. Usual, awkward, ’why was I put on this earth?’ kind of summer.

Grease was released. I can remember every single thing about that day, and this is rare for me. Independence and freedom from gloom, girls I really clicked with, and a ’feel good’ movie.

Anyway, Grease has always made me think of Nancy W, so I decided to look her up on Facebook.

Made me smile when I saw the only movie she has in her ’likes’ is…….Grease. 🙂

Hey, Nancy W! Here’s a virtual hug! xoxoxo

I love ’pasts’ that bring a smile to my soul. More, please.

Mental note: Watch Grease this week!

ETA: Rest In Peace Olivia Newton John. You are remembered fondly.

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