If Evolution Works….

how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Mr. Milton Berle.

Let’s Talk About Sex. Baby

So I’m going thinking about dynamics and what kills sex between people. Stick with me while I lay my thought process out.

The best of times: We’re individuals with our own very unique desires, turn ons, experiences. You meet someone and there’s a perfect synergy. Yin Yang energy.

There’s also respect. A respect for your partner’s preferences. To give and please without judgements. To want them to have the best experience possible. And to genuinely be all in, selflessly.

Okay hats magical and powerful stuff.

Jackie’s got a thing for being asked out on a date by her guy. She loves that male energy from him. It gets her right into her very best feminine. Let the fore play and fantasizing begin, baby. Pre-hashing, primping, planning. Fantasizing. Add a shot of rehashing when it’s all over. That’s her need. That’s it. That’s her big fantasy. She’s clear on her need. And it starts with a very simple: ‘When are you free?’

So what do you think it does to Jackie when she tells her guy she really needs those dates and she is told she should ask for them if she wants them, That he finds them insulting as if he has to have an appointment.


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