I have a craptastic relationship with my sis. I’m not going to bore you with the BS of the dramas, so suffice it to say….there is no there THERE.

And here’s why: because I had the wisdom (at the age of 38 or so) to see that I had done all I could do and run out of hope. I could no longer let her drain me.

It’s RIP. A version of it, anyway. My brain needs to Rest In Peace over my relationship with her.

Why am I writing this?

Good question.

When you find yourself happier with out someone, than with someone….and you know you’ve tried everything within your ability and awareness…you have to let that relationship RIP. You have to accept that it is what it is, find the lesson, love yourself and go live your best life.

As they say in golf… long as you’re moving forward….you’re in good shape.


I’ve come to find myself in a sort of rabbit hole…..and i thought I’d share where I’ve landed.

Nancy Warhoftig. 😀

How’d I get here? Well, I’m reading ’I’m With the Band’ which has twisted, turned and taken its way to the movie, ’Grease’.

Summer 1978: I was 15. Teen trails YMHA program. Abbie Lichenstein, Nancy Warhoftig, and her friend whose name I can not remember. Usual, awkward, ’why was I put on this earth?’ kind of summer.

Grease was released. I can remember every single thing about that day, and this is rare for me. Independence and freedom from gloom, girls I really clicked with, and a ’feel good’ movie.

Anyway, Grease has always made me think of Nancy W, so I decided to look her up on Facebook.

Made me smile when I saw the only movie she has in her ’likes’ is…….Grease. 🙂

Hey, Nancy W! Here’s a virtual hug! xoxoxo

I love ’pasts’ that bring a smile to my soul. More, please.

Mental note: Watch Grease this week!

ETA: Rest In Peace Olivia Newton John. You are remembered fondly.