If Evolution Works….

how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Mr. Milton Berle.


  • Three Words

    Here’s a question for you: If you could give your younger self advice using just three words, what would they be? I thought about the people things said to me along my life. The actions I made okay and words I let affect me. The experiences and feelings that sit with me now. Being someone’s… Continue reading

  • Listening

    My hair has been a train wreck. Rainbow shades of brown, brass and pumpkin in trying to let myself gradually go grey. The styling of it, a non style that never does much. This all coming from someone whose hair was one of the features I liked best about myself I’d stayed with this stylist,… Continue reading

  • Forgiveness

    A lightening flash went off for me when I saw this video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRKB7rhD/ What it made me see: For me. When there is no apology or acknowledgement for a hurt or wrong, it’s equal to sweeping things under the rug. A lot of dirt can pile up under that rug. Dirt piled up with nowhere… Continue reading

  • I am

    I am pretty hot looking for a (almost) 60 year old I am smart I am (going to be) a loving soul I am passionate I am sensual I am a good friend I am (going to be a better) mom and wife I am kind I am these things and more. Continue reading

  • Thunder

    Jackie loves thunder and lightening. At night. It’s the best. She sleeps like a baby Maybe it’s the feeling of being away at summer camp again? She knows this: she’s been thinking about her childhood a lot. Random memories keep popping up. Some good, some sad. And she guesses it’s from all that inner child… Continue reading

  • Triggers

    1. Invalidation on my feelings. 2. Criticism on my appearance or looks 3. Control freaks 4. Liars 5. Rejection Continue reading