If Evolution Works….

how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Mr. Milton Berle.


A lightening flash went off for me when I saw this video:


What it made me see:

For me. When there is no apology or acknowledgement for a hurt or wrong, it’s equal to sweeping things under the rug.

A lot of dirt can pile up under that rug. Dirt piled up with nowhere to go. Lumpy rug.

In a person that dirt piles up. Lumpy you.

What makes forgiving so hard, is unaccountable hurt that has nowhere to go but be absorbed. Not good.

So is there a way to let it go?

One way, is to make peace with it. To understand that I let people who make me feel anything but free to be authentic, over stay their welcome in my life. Any way you squash that, is on you. Any way I let you squash me is on me.

So maybe it’s not ALWAYS about forgiving others. Maybe it’s about forgiving your role in it. About seeing it all as a lesson in some way.

Maybe it’s about actually going through some of the worst ‘under the rug’, inauthentic or painful feelings. One by one, until you truly begin to see the lesson in it. I think it’s key to look for the things you can learn about yourself.

For instance, I learned I can’t do that he sweep under the rug bs anymore. This is on me. With every new understanding you are absorbing less. You are forgiving yourself in the path to authentic you.

Look too at what the lessons you learned about yourself in positive ways. For instance, for me, I learned I am capable of vibrancy, love, joy, free sprit. Thank you for waking up all the wonderful there really is with in me. It’s no longer yours to infect.

Forgiving yourself hard? Let’s see.

That brings me to this:



Sometimes you do have to go backwards to move forward. Addressing your own accountability is is where self forgiveness begins, don’t you think?

To understand



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